Hi! I'm Raoul. I work in tech under the brand World-wize.

Software systems are now ubiquitous, but their potential is still rapidly expanding.

What do I get involved in?

I work as a business-aware technical consultant in start-ups and mid-size companies. I help my clients tackle high-growth phases sanely and responsibly, by advising on software management and development. I like responsible organisations with a strong purpose.


What am I doing now?

I am currently working with a software consultancy and a high-growth firm. I am also investigating a new civic tech project.

Last updated Dec 2022.


Recent project examples

Zero One is a dev house with deep expertise in telecoms. I am assisting them with software design and delivery in high-volume transaction software systems.

OURS is funded edtech startup. I advised the founders and tech lead on tech strategy and product rollout for their combined software/hardware offering.

Simplepay is a frequent client. In the past worked as a software consultant on the core product and interfaces with external systems. I have also run training and mentorship initiatives for them. Currently I am responsible for setting up a new data analytics plaform.

At start-up Turn I got exposure to machine learning. I implemented an interface between a Neuro-Linguistic Understanding model and the Turn messaging app, allowing intelligent tagging and prioritisation of messages.

For African Impact I fulfilled a technology lead role, including implementing performance improvements, helping the company better execute on sales pipeline metrics, and set up a full DevOps process.

At start-up Karri I helped to rebuild the core application in 3 months and migrate all customers to the new system enabing Karri's expansion plans. I was also involved in the design, building and rollout of most requested features.

CCi provides operations knowledge and consulting to global manufacturing companies. I have a long association with the company, and most recently I helped them build new online assessment and project management tools with modern web technologies.

For African Budget Safaris I helped build a complete Elasticsearch service for faster dynamic searching of their tour database, enabling customer conversions.

JourneyApps is a long-term client, and I have worked on several internal and client applications that deliver important business performance reports to decision makers.

For ImpactReady and UNICEF I created the basic architecture and technical design for a water point monitoring and fault reporting system, designed to bring automation to a low-technology environment.

For JourneyApps and Peninsula Beverages I created a data broker in 3 months that helps their tablet-based deliveries application talk to their main SAP ERP system, ensuring end-to-end tracking of their product deliveries.

For Union Swiss I helped create a manufacturing system from scratch in 9 months, responsible for managing manufacture of 4,5 million units with a market value of $80 million within the first 2 months of going live.

For Uber5 and start-up Rollout I assisted in creating the web and mobile components for a new scheduling application. Immediate benefits: Improved revenue visibility, enhanced service due to the reduction of scheduling errors.

For Uber5 and a confidential client I built an automatic reporting engine for a large research division that saves hundreds of hours of work during the course of a year.



Tech experiments

Ukusa: An initiative aimed at collecting, presenting and mapping environmental data in an unbaised way. A collaboration between myself and OpenUp.

STATUS: Active.
Protea: A sales and debtor tracking tool that actively reports from Xero accounting.

STATUS: Active 2016-2021, now dormant.
Incivent/TeamReady: An android app and API back-end for managing roaming field-teams.

STATUS: Sold in 2015.
World-wize Surveys: A groundbreaking social survey app built for the first iPad.

STATUS: Sold in 2013.


Get in touch on LinkedIn or at raoul..at..world-wize..dot..com.