The Wize Way


Hi! I’m Raoul.

I work in software


Software is only going to get more pervasive, leaving no industry or aspect of life untouched. I help visionaries realise software projects in core business functions.


Typical roles: Senior developer, Co-founder or CTO.

Typical environment: Innovative organisations with a strong purpose.

Typical tech: Rails, JS, Android.


Recent project examples

For Union Swiss I built a manufacturing system from scratch in Rails in 9 months, responsible for managing manufacture of 4,5 million units with a market value of $80 million within the first 2 months of going live.

For Uber5 and start-up Rollout I built a Rails API and cloud back-end and several parts of a mobile applications for a new scheduling application. Immediate benefits: Improved revenue visibility, enhanced service due to the reduction of scheduling errors.

For JourneyApps I worked on several Rails/MongoDB applications that deliver important business performance reports to decision makers.

For ImpactReady I created a free and open source reporting application for social impact organisations complete with a native Android app.

For Uber5 and the Democratic Alliance I built an automatic reporting engine for their research division that saves hundreds of hours of editing in MS Excel and Word during the course of a year.


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